Thoughts on the new STi and Evo

Dual (dueling?) blasphemy, that’s all this is. A hatchback STi? A non-4G63 Evo? What is the world coming to?!


Well, this WAS a nice post about my thoughts on the then-new STi and Evo, that is before I switched to blogger's suggested "new style editor" and tried to add a picture to this post. All was well in the preview but once posted, 3/4 of the post was missing and the picture didn't work. "No big deal, blogger has a recovery feature." I say to myself. Too bad for me that it doesn't work. I can only hope that I have another copy of it saved on my home computer. Too bad I won't get a chance to find out until four months down the road.

Thanks for fucking me blogger. Now I'm afraid of editing anything.

Would you look at that, the picture works now.