Cars I Love

Since I've recently got my Toughbook up and running again and they now offer unrestricted wifi in my dorm here in Iraq I'll be posting more frequently. Today I thought I'd start a segment entitled "Cars I Love" because, well, I love cars. The cars I love aren't all iconic and I have very specific prerequisites, but there are enough cars that qualify to necessitate an ongoing segment.

Also, I want to note that the order in which these appear is by no means a ranking system. In fact the order in which they appear has no relevance other than I was thinking about them when I had enough free time to write about them.

Today's entree are all P-Cars because, love them or hate them, they are amazing machines made from the stuff that forms legends. First up, the Porsche 911 Carrera Club Sport M637.

The M637 Carrera CS was and is a lot of things. It was Porsche's first car that was given the CS designation. It was quite a limited run, therefore it is now a collector's car at less than 25 years of age. It was Porsche's first stripped-down, bare bones, hardcore enthusiasts only, stereotypical pompous Porsche owners need not apply Carrera; therefore it is a car that I love.

Why I love it: Take a 911 Sport base, add Bilstein suspension, 16" Fuchs, a reworked ECU and subtract electric windows, sunroof, rear wiper, central locking system, radio, rear seats and air conditioning (sounds like my Impreza!) and you have the CS. Also, the sound deadening, passenger sun visor, glove box; hell, they even did away with the undercoating which subsequently reduced the anti-corrosion warranty from ten to two years! All the subtractions equaled a weight saving of nearly 85 pounds! The weight saving and added power dropped the Carrera's 0-60 time to under six seconds and the top speed up and over 150 mph! Enough exclamation points!

What kind of Porsche-loving car enthusiast writing about cars that evoke butterflies would I be if I didn't include the legendary 911 RS 2.7? I'll answer that for you; a perfidious one.

More rhetorical questions: What isn't to love about this car? What kind of true automotive enthusiast doesn't love homologation-built production cars?

Why I love it: Timeless body lines, a stout flat-six, lightweight, offered in touring, sport or race trim, enough said.

Lastly, only in post order and not significance, the 911 GT3 RS.

Why I love it: It's curb weight is slightly over 3,000 pounds which isn't light per se, but considering that from the driver's seat back is filled with scaffolding (as Jeremy Clarkson puts it) it's not heavy either. The 115 or-so horepowers each liter puts out makes it's 3.6 liter flat-six ensure this car really move, and the 300 torques on tap makes sure it does it in good time. Speaking of good time, it clocks off a flat 12 second 1320 pass, not that I'd be at the drag strip if I ever got the chance to drive one but it's an impressive time non-the-less. Also, the alumium panels allow for 235/305 Michelin Pilot Sport Cups to be covered with ease. Lastly, this particular Porsche is the only non-Lamborghini that I think can pull off outrageous colors. (see above)