Spec-C(lose) Coming To America. Oh Joy...

I'm just going to be flat out with you Subaru of America; please stop fucking around with us. I know the general populous is obese, our government is zany, and our automotive regulations are even more wacky but please do the American Subaru enthusiasts a solid and give us a real special edition STi. I was more excited than the moments leading up to my first blow-jay when I saw the term "Spec-C" in the text of the press release for the new STi Special Edition that will be debuting at the L.A. Auto Show in December. However, the moments following were not nearly as cool as the ones that took place in the back of my '71 Bug all those years ago. Apparently this "SE" is only going to have Spec-C springs, rear sway bar, and rear sub-frame bushings. They're going to drop the weight of the SE also, but not by much. A downgraded stereo, headlights, and manual HVAC is their idea of shaving off weight. That's it. Oh wait, there is actually more! They're bringing back the hill holder brake. Yep, I said, "WTF?" too.

The word "pissed" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this piss-poor attempt by SOA but it's Thanksgiving. Sure, it's a bullshit holiday and I'm a couple thousand miles away from my friends and family but I'm going to stay positive. So instead of a picture of the Aspen White STi SE I'm leaving you with something that does make me happy, Olivia Munn in a bikini.

Happy Ourancestorsstumbleduponsomeland,weretreatednicelybythenatives,thenproceededtorapeeverythingnearandeartothem Day!