When Technology Sucks

We all know the R35 GTR is an awesome car but the reason it's amazing is because of all the technology that makes it a rocket in the hands of a 16 year old or the most ham-fisted e-racer, and everyone in between. The down side, aside from the price, is that the smallest problems become costly ones. Here's an example from a poor GTR-owning chap in the UK.

"I had a low speed crash into the back of a white van, it was a badly surfaced road, we were stopped, pulled away.... and the person infront of the van stopped for no reason, causing the van to tap the tow bar of the car infront and me in sympathy to do the same to the van." (See damage below)

That innocent little bump ended up costing the owner 11,000 Pounds! Read the link above for a full explanation.

I could go on a rant about how safety standards and computer technology are ruining cars but I'll save it.