One more reason not to grow up...

We're all guilty of it but if you're anything like me and you realize after the fact that you're taking yourself far too seriously you tend to feel a bit silly. I can only hope that some of the frown-wearing people of Lexas and Dan Roth of Auto Blog feel the same. 

Recently Motor Mavens' Antonio Alvendia got a tip from a friend (who is now probably unemployed) that the flat black Lexas LFA to be shown at the LA Auto Show was being stored at a warehouse we works (or worked) at. Said friend let Antonio and a cameraman inside and let them poke around.

Basically Mr. Roth accused Mr. Alvendia of being a fanboy. I can see why but why did Mr. Roth need to write about it? A slow day at the office or a hardened non-bias journalist ethic? Either way all he did was help Motor Mavens out by brining attention to the matter and the video. It seems kind of childish of a professional automotive journalist but I guess that's what happens when you become part of the machine. 

I applaud Mr. Alvendia for doing what he did because it's exactly what I would have done. Such an opportunity is no time for eloquence or tact, it's a time to revel. You can tell how passionate he is by his excitement and limited vocabulary. 

There is a time and place for serious journalism; politics, war, natural disasters, etc. We're talking about cars, super cars specifically. They exist for one reason, pleasure. My suggestion to Mr. Roth is to go read Chuck Klosterman's new book, find his sense of humor, and figure out why he got in this field of work to begin with.

Damn the man, save the empire!

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