My Not-So Triumphant Return

Through days worth of sitting, waiting, walking, flying, fanfare, time changes and subsequently worse insomnia I've returned to America. It feels odd to be back in what is known as modern civilization. I find myself watching people and it's as if everyone is moving at an incredible rate with no direction, just moving for the sake of moving. The camaraderie that comes with spending 15+ hours a day with the same 20-some-odd people in a deployed environment makes you realize how shallow "average" conversation can be. Time and time again I see people ignoring those that need help, and it's the little things like holding a door open for someone or offering to help them carry their groceries. Maybe I'm seeing these things because of how my 2009 was spent, or maybe I just have too much free time. I don't know. Once I shake this edge and interact with more of my friends I should be back to normal in a few weeks, whatever normal is.

I've got nothing for you today if I'm to be honestly. Obviously the body is willing to write but my mind is fuzzy and these gin and tonics aren't helping. So instead of being totally OT I'll share a fitting entree and a wonderful video courtesy of Garen Photography with you then I'll try and get back to sleep, or not. Sleep is for the weak and the dead, right?

One Way Lane

A day through my lens indirectly means a day seeing what I see.

What I see, is the result of not only the energy of light which my sensory receptors convert to tangible objects that my mind recognizes, but also the distinct and inherent qualities of those objects.
In this respect, I set out with my two friends to capture the essence of a day, at a particular time in my life. A time when my only concern was how fast I could go, with no regard to my well-being, my surroundings, and in a manner which completely exhausted every last ounce of energy.

Such a lifestyle has only one ending.

The video, which you see here, was shot over the course of 2 days covering the Alps from both Switzerland and Italy. It was shot on the Canon 5d Mark II. Please watch in HD, full screen, utilizing external speakers.