Wants vs Needs

I'm not sure how many people read this blog, if any (I don't know how to find that information) but if you do you're probably expecting me to post Travis Pastrana's record-breaking 269 foot jump in his STi. It was an impressive stunt and a hell of a way to ring in the new year but I'm getting burnt out on the airborne distance race. The only reason it exists is to exploit one of many thrilling facets of Rally. It's like a highlight reel of fights that took place during hockey games. Yes, it's entertaining to watch but it's not a sport in and of itself (although fighting is, so maybe that was a bad example). Anyway, I thought, "What better way to start off the new year than to hit on an important topic?" That topic is nature.

Americans have done an exceptionally poor job of preserving the natural landscape. We've pushed, chopped, bombed, flattened and cemented over so much land it's disgusting. The variety of landscapes stretching East to West and North to South makes our country so diverse that we can easily choose to live in nearly any climate we like. However, finding land that hasn't been raped is a difficult task. We industrialize and commercialize as much as we can only to have the genuine American product lost to cheaper overseas manufacturers. Alaska is America's last frontier and we've been talking about putting a big fucking oil pipeline through it. The typical American dream really did set us up for failure. The sad reality of it is that no land is sacred anymore. Watching the video below by the immensely talented band Sigur Ros made me yearn even more to get out of this desert and go on a camping trip up in the Sierras, which I plan on doing in a few weeks.

This is actually only one of a few videos in a series. Please go to YouTube and watch the rest of them. I doubt you'll regret it.

Big thanks to EricNY over at RS25 for sharing these.