10 A.M. Automatic

Well, actually "Everywhere I Go" is playing but it is nearly 10 A.M. and I am listening to The Black Keys while drinking black coffee and typing none the less. The lazy beat coupled with the repetitious guitar just hanging in the air is taking me back to the last time I drove my car. It was up around Boca, near Lake Tahoe, the first day the weather cleared after a snow storm. It was unusually warm, causing a lot of the new snow to melt and run down in to the valley. However, the Truckee River storage area was still frozen over and a magnificent white. The roads up around the Boca Dam aren't well kept as there is an Indian Reservation but I was still able to navigate the massive snow piles and get away for an afternoon.

That's what I do and I'm sure I'm not alone.

When people become too much and you need some true alone time we drive. Sometimes with direction, other times not. Either way, the destination has little importance as the journey is what we need. Our release comes from a familiar machine. Strapped in, connected; we become bionic. The road bends and we lean. The road climbs and we down shift. No music required as the sounds of a rumbling engine, singing tires, and wind are the most fitting soundtrack to let us know how fast we're moving. It's odd come to think of it; we move faster to escape our already fast-moving life. I guess we just need to stay ahead of it.