The Mantra

"Make it light. Make it grip. Make it fast. Keep it simple."

I'm starting out with a 1994 Subaru Impreza L which is the lightest factory AWD Impreza with a curb weight of 2,500 lbs. Some might think that's pretty hefty, and you're correct in thinking so, but keep in mind that the newer generation STi is 3,300+ lbs. and then you might see where I'm going with this.

I really got to enjoy my old '05 STi because I had lots of play money and I was living in Germany at the time. Yes, that meant lots of 'Ring time.

However, life is quite the opposite now. I live in the States again and appropriately near the poverty line. So I down graded for this project, which has been dubbed "Hermes" as he's carried me way farther than he should have through the heart of America to the coast and back numerous times with poor maintenance and well over 200K on the odometer. Yes, a damn fine car.

Fast forward a year or so, lots of miles, and a couple mods later and here's where we stand. Hermes is stripped to the bone yet still on the road.

No interior, no A/C, manual windows, no fenders, no bumper skins, JDM bumper beams (about 70 lbs of weight saving right there), and a JDM aluminum hood which is good for another 25-or-so lbs of weight saving. I don't have an accurate new curb weight but he's significantly lighter and therefore much more fun to drive.

Colin Chapman said it best, “Simplify and add lightness.” I intend to do just that.