"Which One of You Motherfuckers Is Going To Get Inside My Heart?"

Keith Buckley is the singer for one of my favorite bands called Every Time I Die. In doing some ETID research for a DJ friend of mine I came across this video.

Keith is an amazing lyricist with a bachelor's in English I'm told. I would believe it when listening to the song "She's My Rushmore" off the album Hot Damn! The idea for the theme seems to come from Shakespeare's tragedy Othello.  I suspect this from the last line of the song which is, "The greatest lovers were murderers first." Without getting too specific Othello ends in a confrontation of a love triangle and ends in multiple deaths, a suicide, and an arrest.  There is also another nod to Shakespeare in the same song with the line, "A pyromantic midsummer nights dream." Clever.

Anyway, I wanted to share this video because I was unaware of Keith's love for motorcycles and riding. The narration is romantic, honest, and just plain well written.

It's always cool when multiple interests fall in line with one another.