"I hate a Roman named Status Quo."

Before I begin let me make it clear that I am not a fan of the media darling named M.I.A. I don't enjoy her "music" in the slightest and I absolutely loathe hearing it while in company of M.I.A. fans. The lyrics, the dances; it's all bad. She is not clever, racy, nor talented as many claim. She fills a social gap that doesn't need filling. 

Rant aside it does bother me that the video for her song "Born Free" was taken down from YouTube. The video attempts to convey the treatment of minorities by authoritative "forces" but many didn't see past director Romain Gavras' shock tactics. The video displays genocide of Gingers, assuming because they're the most predominate faction of Caucasians and us white people have done our fair share of oppressing. Way to stick it to us Ms. Arulpragasam...

Here's a link to the video for those interested/bored-

But since the universe has a way of balancing itself out the lovely Christina Hendricks was placed on the cover of Esquire.

...placing thumb on nose...