I Like To Pretend I'm Not In Control

I awoke this morning to my feet being kicked by my Ginger-mulleted roommate who needed a ride to work. The time was 06:30 and I could have sworn that was what time I went to sleep. Anyway, in the car we were listening to a radio show and a segment came on called "Bad News Over Happy Music" which was quite literal. Even though I was driving in a "haze" I distinctly remember one of the stories; Some guy, either a security guard or bailiff, thought it would be a good idea to scratch his nose with his gun, which resulted in him blowing his face off. We both laughed hysterically and us going to Hell was mentioned in between giggle fits.

After dropping my soulless roommate off at work I went to the coffee shop to kick my brain in the personified nuts. I paid with a ten and my change was $6.66. I laugh aloud (read not LOLed) and I was again on my way.

I ran a few errands and headed home, still sipping on my damned coffee. At home I fired up my laptop to begin my daily internet rounds. First stop was RS25 where I decide to change my avatar to a picture I came across the other day that fit too well with the aforementioned story.

I then moved on and replied to some threads when I noticed this...


Again, I laughed.

Hours later I found myself listening to Sage's new album "Li[f]e" again and the last of the coincidences hit me. I don't remember which song or exactly how the lyrics went but they were something like, "...I swallowed Heaven's skeleton key and it unlocked the Hell in me..."

So that settles it. The Devil is to blame for my shitty weekend and subsequent mood this week. I should start reading Christ Wire more often.