Get Low(er)

It's not much but some work has taken place recently. ARP wheels studs and Whiteline's Roll Center Adjusters went on with the summer wheels which are 17x8 RPF1s wrapped in 225 615s.

Of course an alignment was in order as well as an adjustment of ride height, so I paid my buddy Cory at K-Speed a visit and he worked his magic. The new sweet spot is approximately 1.5 inches lower than before and of course my suspension is happy with control arms sitting parallel to the ground, just the way they should be. Cory also upped, or should I say decreased the camber to -2.8 degrees up front and -1.2 in the rear. The turn in is phenomenal with these settings! I'm really happy with the way the car handles now, but it will only get better when I get around to all the bushings and more bracing in the rear. Anyway, here's the current stance.