Good Day

Two days ago I mentioned that I was stressing my first Japanese test and come to find out it was rightfully so. I didn't do so hot, which bummed me out. So the past two days I've been studying my personified balls off for the next quiz, which is tomorrow. I hit a wall earlier and just needed a break, and it had been a while since I went on an enjoyable drive so that's exactly what I did. Two hours and a quarter tank later I returned to Reno with a rumbling stomach, so I immediately diverted In-N-Out bound. I pulled in to what I thought was a full parking lot only to find one open spot, next to this beauty.

It was hands-down the cleanest Porsche I've seen on the road that wasn't new. Pleased with the company and my burger I decide to visit Mr. Danger and give my next project car a look over. 


Mr. Danger and I chatted for a bit about the infamous Rufus, then he told me he had something inside to show me. Right when I walked in to the bay I saw exactly what he was talking about, a gorgeous 1981 Ferrari 308 GTS. I asked if I could sit inside to admire a quality interior and he obliged. I don't think it's possible to get tired of this view.

I plan on taking my good camera back to the Ferrari for some macro shots. I just love the details of that interior. Welp, back to the books.