Two Wheeled Psychics

I spent the first half of my Saturday at Reno Fernley Racetrack shooting a Sierra Sportbike Association track day for a class project. Dan, the man of operations at RFR, was kind enough to hook me up with the resident photography crew, Joe and Toe of 4 The Riders. The ambiguously hetero and self proclaimed "BFFs" were kind enough to take me under their wings, out on to the track, and teach me how to not get hit by motorcycles. Through all the laughs, advice, snaps, and name calling I noticed the prevalent monologue was them predicting who was going to crash.

At the rider's meeting earlier that morning I distinctly remember the announcer saying that the riders should listen to the photography guys because they know who's going down, and they have alarming accuracy. It initially struck me as odd but as I began to think about it, it made sense. They're on the track watching everyone arc through the same corners for hours on end. Both are experienced riders themselves so aside from capturing light they're also analyzing rider's performance.

After we had been on the track long enough to see every riding group pass they started their predictions. Just in the first half of the day they called four individuals out and I witnessed three of them go down. No major injuries or damage happened, so I don't feel at all bad saying that I found this amusing. Joe actually wrote about this phenomenon on his blog.

Sadly I had to leave the track during lunch to attend a meeting. I wish I would have been able to stay to continue talking with and learning from those two. If you guys read this, thanks again. I'll post up my pictures later.