Winter Dreams

An alarming cold front has pushed its way over the Sierras and dropped the highs down in the valley by about 30 degrees, teasing us with Fall. I woke up at 5 a.m. today to study and get some cleaning done before I take off for a couple days. I tested the weather to determine what to wear by walking outside naked as the day I was born, only to find it was a fall-esque 40 degrees. I pulled out a mid-weight vintage Pendleton flannel, heavy Oni denim, and a pair of high-top Clark Wallabees; my favorite cold weather clothes. Topping it off with a beanie and some fingerless gloves I set out for warm caffeine and a quiet place to study.

My car was running especially well this morning due to the cool dense air. It was early so no traffic was obstructing some of my favorite inner city sweepers. I glided through the corners, clipping unmarked apexes, breathing calmly while dreaming of less traction and more precipitation. I miss snow.

Growing up around Lake Tahoe means I learned to drive on, over, and through the fluffy stuff. In High School I worked at a local ski resort while piloting my first car, a '71 Beetle. Needless to say I learned how to control a slide and keep that lump of an engine behind me where it belonged. When I realized how fun it was to do it intentionally it quickly translated in to my favorite automotive past time, snow drifting.

I would rather have been silently sliding around said turns, but if that were the case I wouldn't have gotten the aforementioned chores done, had a belly full of hot coffee, or written this because I'd still  be out driving.