Election Time Means Ductwork Time?

Budget-minded engineers are a clever bunch and in my eyes the most clever/brilliant of said bunch is Dave Coleman. I was an avid Sport Compact Car reader growing up and SCC is where Dave made a name for himself as their Engineering Editor for a eight years. He's notorious (in my eyes at the least) for his ability to make just about anything work and a lot of the times with the minimal amount of money spent. But I digress, sort of...

As much as I complain about school deep down I really do enjoy it. Aside from midterms I've been working on another story for my journalism class, this one is coverage of Vice President Joe Biden's and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent visit to the University of Nevada Reno. This particular visit is important because of Sen. Reid's and his opponent Sharron Angle's conflicting views on education, election day (Nov. 2) is right around the corner, and to be entirely sure that we knew Sharron Angle is a bitch.

(See, Joe agrees)

While polishing that aforementioned story for final submission tomorrow I took a break by kicking back in a crappy computer lab chair and stared out the window in to the quad. The only thing running through my mind was how little time I've spent in the garage over the past couple weeks. Hermes needs some regular maintenance and Rufus needs, well, a lot.

By three o'clock this afternoon I had already logged nine hours worth of class, studying, and homework so I decided to take a break, go home, make something for lunch, and do some enjoyable reading. I haven't been up on my car sites and blogs so my first stop was my favorite stop, Moto IQ. There was a flash of disgust, then glee, then awe as I scrolled down and saw a picture of election signs, then the picture of a wrench indicating Dave Coleman's wrench tips, and after I opened it I saw it was an article on low-to-no-budget ductwork.

I'll let Dave's article speak for itself. All I want to know is, who wants to come steal some signs with me next Tuesday?