Escape (to) Treasure Island

This weekend's escape for the restless coincided with the week of my birth, so something a bit more special than disappearing was in order. As chance would have it the Treasure Island Music Festival was this weekend. Perfect.

As usual the trip took longer than we optimistically planned in part to poor navigation skills (not mine of course) and the other part to the Bay Area traffic.

We shared a nice little hotel room in China Town with some friends who we crashed with during Coachella.

As neat as China Town is we didn't spend much time there, and we didn't eat there which I usually look forward to. 

Once at the festival there were many things to enjoy aside from the music. There were tons of vendors for food, drinks, band merch, fashion, and art. There were even art displays.

What music festival wouldn't be complete without a ferris wheel?

Although there were many distractions ultimately everyone was there for the music. The line-up was good all around but the big three I was there to see were Miike Snow, LCD Soundsystem, and Deadmau5. All of which put on great shows, albeit a bit rushed in my opinion, but great nonetheless. Deadmau5's visuals were incredible, but a bit hard to capture with my phone's camera.

The cold weather was only made worse by being on the water and the rush of thousands of people loading on to buses at once to leave. Here's a parting shot which accurately displays the state of freezing and/or sobriety on the bus ride back to AT&T Park.

All in all it was a great weekend with great friends and great music. What more could I ask for?