Less Is More

I went on short trip to Portland this weekend and with three motorized projects needing funding I decided to be somewhat conservative with my spending. I had fun, didn't shop much but instead really just took the city and sights in and enjoyed the good company.

As I get older and exercise simple living more it becomes much easier.

I took Dean Karnazes' book "Ultramarathon Man" with me this weekend. It's a great easy read, inspiring, and interesting; the perfect travel book.

Karnazes started training for competitive running inadvertently on his 30th birthday and has gone on to complete just about every running event around and has become one of the best known and successful runners in history. He does marathons as a workout, and usually more. He's done non-stop 100+ mile races over the Sierras, across Death Valley, and to the South Pole, fighting not only the elements but himself.

I highly suggest reading it even if you're not a runner.

I had been thinking about the concept of simple quality living before I started reading one day and as coincidence would have it this passage crossed my eyes while reading Ultramarathon Man.

"I'd also come to recognize that the simplicity of running was quite liberating. Modern man has virtually everything one could desire, but too often we're still not fulfilled. "Things" don't bring happiness. Some of my finest moments came while running down the open road, little more than a pair of shoes and shorts to my name. A runner doesn't need much. Thoreau once said that a man's riches are based on what he can do without. Perhaps in needing less, you're actually getting more."

It's just one more thing to ponder. I know I am.