First Sn*w Drift Session of the Season

A decent sized cold front coupled with a douching of precipitation has brought a couple feet of snow to the Sierras over the past few days. For most of us mountain dwellers this means the slopes are prime for riding but for even fewer it means the late night streets have transformed in to our dead-silent playground.

Throaty pulsating exhaust notes are the only sounds resonating off of the starch white walls of abandoned buildings. Alone I'm not so much piloting but guiding my Subaru, infamously known as Hermes; letting gravity, inertia, and chance create the line.

It's a selfish yet therapeutic act. It can be enjoyed with close-knit friends, but I prefer to endure the cold and let blocks of time slip away without regard for others.

It's a tradition that spans the globe, transcends cultures, but holds a place in the hearts of us who enjoy driving.

Pictured below are Nobushige Kumakubo, Youichi ImamuraHideo Hiraoka, and friends. 

Some of the aforementioned guys above moved on to compete in the D1GP for those not in the know.

Picture (aside from Hermes) via Helmstarr.