Let The Ass Kicking Continue

It's been said before and not just by me, and I won't be the last person to say it; "I'm an SCC fanatic."

In my opinion, there has been no better magazine for the niche. It's a damn shame Primedia let it go but the heart of SCC aren't the type of guys to let the man get them down. From SCC's ashes rose Moto IQ, which has the same great writing, project cars, industry insight, and racing coverage many of us became accustomed to before the e-take-over.

With an online publication brings the wonderful possibility for a discussion medium that we've all probably used or do use, the online forum. So, when I was unhappy with the narrow-minded suspension discussions and answers on the US' premier resource for everything Corolla ( I turned to Moto IQ's forum. It was there someone reminded me of SCC's old Project Corolla that Modified Magazine did a wonderful service of preserving.

Here are the links to SCC's old Project Corolla.

The internet isn't so bad...