The Other Projects

With my nose less than an inch away from my bike's spokes I inspect the semi-aero wheels for imperfections and dirt. It looks pretty ok but I wish they were a solid color, either black or brushed aluminum. They still look good and work well but I'm rarely satisfied. It's around this time that the thought of how therapeutic maintenance can be. If I've got a big chunk of free time and I'm well rested and not really feeling video games there is nothing I like to do more than work in the garage while listening to music.

My daily thrasher was in dire need of cleaning and drive train maintenance. I did a few mods while I had the wrenches out.

This is the single speed (not fixie) project. A trashed drive train and frame-mounted shifters made this a perfect candidate for a cheap single speed cycle-x project.

The best part of turning wrenches is how they turn the gears in my head that cause me to associate pleasure with cleaning. After I got done with everything I could with the tools I had I turned my attention to cleaning the garage. I have a severe disparity in stuff-to-storage so I live in a constant state of organized chaos. I actually like it that way so I dust and group like objects together often.

Always Be Knolling