Work is bad for the internet.

Summer employment has commenced and I've already started slacking in a conventional sense. My time is now spent standing on a wood plank, rolling aimlessly while remembering heat and trees and fresh air and cold (and) people with hazy eyes. In typical regional fashion you must pack for anything. These pictures were taken in the same week.

Good thing I kept my snow tires on for rallyx.

For contrast's sake I'm just now finding out that uber babes like Blake Lively are fun enough to take noods with their cell phone just like any 'ol college girl.

And lastly to my unpleasant surprise Iron and Wine was not good live. Well, what they performed wasn't poorly played but they changed their sound from folk to adult contemporary jam band. Backup singers, three piece brass section, two percussionists; too much. I've been a fan of Sam's music for a few years but this was the first time I'd seen him. Disappointed only begins to explain my sober feelings. If Sarah Silverman has taught me anything it's that you can't go to a jam band show without acid in your face.