Aug. 20-21 Reno Rallyx

"It must be nice, being able to steer with the throttle" mutters a nearby corner worker. He's wearing a bandanna over his nose and mouth in attempt to cut down on inhalation of the talcum powder-like dust being kicked up by a diverse field of cars. I turn to see the subject of his remark, a black Subaru STi waiting patiently as the car before clears the course. When the green flag drops the silence disappears as the air is filled with a deep boxer ruble that's visceral. The ground explodes around the car as all four tires dig in and carve a path in the desert. 

This is the SCCA Reno region's first two day Rallyx event at Reno Fernley Racetrack. The field is mixed with local and Northern California dirt enthusiasts with skill levels ranging from novice to full-on stage rally competitors like Alex Rademacher of Rademacher Racing. Alex somehow helped organize this event in between his full time day job and driving to the Mendocino Rally, winning it outright, and driving home; No truck or trailer and with a volunteer crew. If that's not grassroots glory then I don't know what is.

Rademacher's Rally car, Betsy.

 Here's a sample of this weekend's field of competitors.

This event concluded the Rallyx season for the Reno region. After talking to various organizers, volunteers, and racers the general consensus is that this season was a success, not a booming one but a success nonetheless. So if you're in the area next summer and you want to try your hand at some low-traction racing check in with the Reno SCCA. They have a club car you can rent too.