The New DD

The 1987 BMW 325e

Anyone who's started a project car that actually works knows the inevitable truth that one day it will need to be retired from its daily duties for more time consuming work like a roll cage and paint. That time has come for my Subaru. However, as some of you may know I do, well did, have another project car, the AE86 hatch. 

In order to get that hachi I had to make a gentleman's agreement to sell it back to the original owner if he changed his mind and of course if I was willing to sell it. The planets aligned and deals were made, and I was left with only one car. In typical fashion that didn't last long.

I hit the internet in search of a running front engine rear wheel drive car. When I started narrowing down my choices it was actually quite easy to decide. I wanted something with four doors, torquey, naturally aspirated, A/C, stereo, yadda yadda, but it had to be fun to drive in stock form. I wasn't looking for another big project, just something to drive. 

As random chance would have it I found the above '87 325e on Craigslist for sale by the original owner. It has its rough spots but it runs great and I have the service record going back to its first oil change. So yet again I find myself back in a BMW and wondering why I ever left.