With Winter Comes Forza

Fall was approximately one day long in Northern Nevada this year. We seriously went from t-shirts to heavy coats in under 48 hours. The prime time for working in the garage came and went before many of us even realized it. For some this means pulling our objects of enjoyment into the garage, putting it up on jack stands, taking the wheels off, and covering up what just days ago we were sneaking glances of. Yes, it's the end of a season in which we thrive however our love for quadruped machines of speed does no hibernate, it diverts.

I've played the Forza 4 demo and I'm quite impressed. I can tell that each car has been re-rendered, that the physics engine has been overhauled, and that Forza's work with tire manufacturer Pirelli wasn't  in vain. Plus, you won't find me complaining about about the Top Gear partnership. In fact I think that's exactly what video games and car shows need to be doing. Let's face it, the demographic of automotive enthusiasts is changing along with how information and entertainment are dispersed. Ray Wert of Jalopnik touched on this in his Awesomeness Manifesto.

"This new generation is waiting to be freed from the shackles of a crossover culture. Who are they? They're the gadget guys and gamers who have grown up driving cars on a computer but never tried them in real life. These are the kids that are living their lives on Facebook and wouldn't know that a V, an SS, a GT or an F can make all the difference in the world. I truly believe that once they feel what it's like to drive an awesome and exciting real car, they'll never turn back." 

For those of you that either have or will soon be hanging up your driving gloves you need not fret, just pick up a Microsoft-issue potato and pass the time until the asphalt is warm again. And when you're not sitting in front of your television keep thinking, researching, and building. This franchise has showed us that progression doesn't come from settling. I'm looking at you Gran Turismo.

Forza 4 will be released tomorrow, the 11th of October exclusively on Xbox 360.