Das E30 in Retrospect

It ain't pretty. Some bits don't work as well as they once did, some not at all. It's transient like all things. The probability of this car being restored isn't high, but the heater was uncomfortably efficient and highway miles were effortless. 

It has left my possession but it's in good, capable hands.

There is something to be said about driving an FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) car on the mountain passes.  The ease of rotation is unlike the tug-of-war that is AWD versus tarmac. I've been driving Subarus for the better side of seven years now and I often wish breaking traction were easier. Maybe I should stop buying such sticky rubber and finally put together that hydraulic e-brake I've been thinking about. Or maybe I should just stick to the dusty trails less traveled. 

Nevertheless, I miss my E30.