Drifting Session at Sandia Speedway

This past Saturday, March 10th, marked the beginning of the drifting season in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Sandia Speedway with a casual four hour test-and-tune. It was a cool late afternoon session run at irregular intervals where drivers were shaking off winter's cobwebs in preparation for the upcoming competitive season, which ends with a two day No Coast Drift Party. The course configuration incorporated two banked corners linked through the infield, which is similar to the competition course layout.

Gerard Jacinto and his 350Z coming off of the entry bank

Jeff Osborne piloting his S13 out of Turn 1

Dan Brockett of Icon Motorsports video fame entering the infield slalom in his daily driven S13

Darren pushing his S13 through the slalom

Anthony Ciocca setting up his S13 for the kink at the end of the slalom

Brian Dewitt puttin' his foot down on the exit banked corner in his Soarer

Things began to wind down as everyone's tire caches became depleted. A few people killed what was left of their tires on the skid pad while some packed up and socialized. 

The first event of the season is on April 22nd. Check back throughout the week for more pictures.