XDC Round 1

Round 1 is an event of the past, and for many a fond memory. The V8 swapped cars could no be ignored in sound, smoke, and speed but there are still competitive 4 cylinder powered cars like Will Parsons' Non Stop Tuning sponsored AE86.

It may not be a V8, but it sure isn't a 4AGE. That's a turbocharged S2000 power plant 

Parsons put on a fantastic drive but sadly his differential blew while battling for a spot on the podium and the NST team was unable to get it back on track. 

Stewart Leask's Autosport Dynamics built S car was one of the many V8 powered Japanese chassis. There is reason to this rhyme, as Leask's 3rd place spot on the podium illustrates just that.

Leask sticking to Dan Brockett's tail 

The hometown hero Vitaly Sopkin took 2nd place with a consistent performance all day. The crowd's support for Sopkin made his finish that much better.

Sopkin chasing Wang for 1st

Forrest Wang of Get Nuts Lab in Las Vegas, NV will be taking home the 1st place trophy, that is if he doesn't put on another equally impressive performance today during Round 2 and snag another one.