XDC Round 2

In conjunction with Hot Import Nights Round 2 of XDC roughly tripled in size compared to Round 1, which brought out the best in the competitive drifters aiming for the target on Forrest Wang's back. Wang took 1st at Round 1 in an unrelenting charge that no one could slow.

I'm pretty sure Wang is a nocturnal drifter as it looked like he went faster after the sun set.

Round 2 was another story. Everyone was pushing harder, going faster, and many other "that's what she said" setups. At these extremes mechanical failure was inevitable.

Jim Guthrie's highly modified Mustang experienced some issues in Round 1, but he qualified in the top 16 in Round 2 despite only running one rear brake.

Lots of untested custom fabrication work fails, but few this spectacularly. It was amazing that Guthrie was out there tearing it up in Round 2.

George Marstanovic's fender came off while pitching his RX7 in to the second corner.

Marstanovic subsequently lost a tire...

... which didn't end well. The accident put Marstanovic out of Round 2 but he walked away from the accident, which is the most important thing.

Despite a few isolated incidences the performances all around were fantastic. This was my first Pro-Am event and I had an awesome time! If you've never had the pleasure of making it out to something like this I highly suggest you do. It's exciting to watch videos of, but the all encompassing visceral experience is something different. But I digress. 

Danny George didn't compete in Round 1 but his presence in Round 2 couldn't go unnoticed in his LS1-powered Miata, which he took to 3rd place.

Stewart Leask and Forrest Wang lead the field and had a rematch.

And Forrest Wang prevailed!