The 2012 All Out Call Out

Drag racing's roots run deep in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dating back to the early 1950s there have been organized events and the gamut of machines have made passes down these desert strips. 

Photo credit to KingNitro's History of Albuq. Drag Racing and Hot Rodding photo collection 

The history and success of drag racing in America has made it an automotive past time. Unlike Baseball this is a haven for enhanced performance, and that keeps the sport thriving.

The annual All Out Call Out is essentially a large grudge match drag racing extravaganza. It's the classic imports versus domestics, local shops flexing, or individual's secret builds being unveiled. This year there were over 100 cars going head to head until well after midnight for bragging rights and a cash prize. The day began at N.M. Imports, a Nissan and Infinity specialty shop that has some notoriously fast Z cars.

Once everything kicked off people were roaming the lots, talking bench racing, and sizing up the competition. There were four classes divided by specific time brackets to keep the racing fair. The "Slowpoke" class was for anyone expecting to travel the 1320 in 14.1 seconds or slower. On the other end was the "Let It Eat" class for 11.5 and faster.

One class at a time were able to issue "call out" tickets to their competitors, then play nice on a leisurely drive to Albuquerque Dragway. Upon arrival and completion of a tech inspection the races went off without a hitch. There was little-to-no downtime between runs and class changes as the pool of drivers shrank, and the times got closer.

With the setting sun the temperature cooled, which is exactly everyone was waiting for. The organizers made it clear that this event would run its full length, and it did into the wee hours of the morning.