Vinnie's WW II Relic

Being on a boat for weeks at a time has a way of keeping my mind off cars, and I feel that keen awareness of car watching slip. Boats don't do it for me. Multi-level fishing boats, catamarans, single hulls that are themed much older than their build period; floating nostalgia. They all start to look the same after a while, but while strolling along a beach at Jost Van Dyke I came across this World War II relic and my curiosity with four wheels powered by a gasoline engine returned.

This Dodge Power Wagon belongs to Vinnie, owner of Corsairs restaurant and bar.

Vinnie is an American Harley guy and this is his daily driver. In the states this would be unusual, but in the islands it makes perfect sense. Importing transportation on to small plots of land is expensive, rust is obviously an issue, and cars tend to be driven into the ground. I mean that figuratively and literally, discarded vehicles become apart of the landscape. But not this old brute.

The Power Wagon is suited quite well for Vinnie's commute, which is slow up and down some steep terrain. Jost Van Dyke is only about three square miles but there is over one thousand feet of elevation. 

Vinnie is fighting the rust, and this truck isn't going down easily.