Bill Dixon Sweeps Round 4 of XDL

Fortune favors the brave as Bill Dixon demonstrated at Round 4 of XDL with wins in the main cup, Yamaha Generators Wheelie Race, K&N Circle Challenge, and Motul Drift Battle!

Luke Emmons took second in the main event with consistent runs and some towering one wheel action.

Albuquerque's very own Ernie Vigil placed third. The crowd absolutely adored Ernie's high speed passes, technical tricks, as well as his long wheelies and stoppies. 

There was no doubt that Ernie was out to impress his hometown supporters.

Lastly an honorable mention to fourth place finisher Hiroyuki Ogawa for his unique style. No one was getting as low as Hiroyuki in drifts or jumping around on the bike with comparable grace. Japan was represented well.

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