Chasing Sunrise with a Bombardier and The Lunchbox

Being up before the sun isn't generally my idea of a good time, but when my phone sprang to life at 3:30 am and yelled at me to do the same I didn't fight it. Not on this day.

Josh of Lunchbox PhotoWorks invited me on another light chasing adventure with Russell of The Bombardiers Car Club. Meet time was 4:30-ish so I layered up, made some coffee, and hit the road. The 80 mile blast to Albuquerque was enjoyable for once, being the lone ghost passing through the desert and all.

Upon arrival I began thinking about how different, and better Russell's '53 Chevrolet 210 looked out of the confines of the car show environment. Among the dreary modern machines that fill Starbucks parking lots Russ' Chevy stands out not only aesthetically but in size too. It still fits in parking spots and can maneuver through today's shopping centers, but it demands more visual space than a beige Audi.

While riding shotgun in Josh's GT500 to our first shoot location I noticed something else I hadn't seen at SuperNationals; this baby spits flames!

The beauty (and one of the few justifiable reasons) for shooting early in the morning is the lack of people. Fewer distractions and more breathing room allow for the flexibility of a closed set. We quietly and unobtrusively moved from spot to spot not to disturb the morning calm. 

Spending a few hours looking at this car was an absolute pleasure for my eyeballs. We took our time, enjoying the details while soft light slowly made its way through our lenses.

Before long the source of that soft light crept up and intensified so we framed facing East and took it in.

We ended our excursion in an alley, like so many before us. Breakfast and more coffee were the next logical steps, so onward we went.