Royal Pain

Being out in the desert before dawn is a peaceful experience. The lack of natural light this early makes you rely on your sense of hearing more than usual. This only heightens your awareness of the tranquility around you, especially absent a breeze. There is an overwhelming calm when you put some breathing room between you and the burning energy of the city that allows me to concentrate on only one energy source: the sun.

This particular morning I was out among the brush with Adrian and Valerie Garcia and their 1951 Chevy. Since we were in place before the sun had risen I let the day's softest light and the Chevy's seductive lines work together in low-key harmony. 

This old Chevy is no stranger to the limelight. It's been featured in Rod & Kulture Magazine, Drive-In Magazine and it breaks necks wherever it goes. Whether it's at a filling station, in traffic, or at a car show this beauty demands a stream of attention from both the young and old. And how could it not? With that stance and those hips...

It's hard to believe this started as a $200 clunker in need of some major love. Over the course of three years a literal ground-up rebuild was performed. The bottom 18 inches of the body and floor have been either repaired or replaced, the roof has been chopped, handles shaved, and many other fine details were masterfully crafted into the sleek and beautiful body seen here.

A custom crossmember and A-arms were made to work with S10 drop spindles to get the suspension in a workable low range. The fine tuning of the ride height is done with help from Air Lift Performance

The interior received just as much attention to detail as the exterior. The House of Kolor Royal Blue with a good dose of flake adorns the dashboard and steering wheel. A bit of chrome, classic pin striping, and color-matched upholstery really pull the entire car together and make it a cohesive piece of rolling art. 

As the shadows became long we packed up and headed back toward the bustle of the city for another round of coffee.