Like a Boss

A few weeks back Elijah of Diamond Detail and I teamed up for a contest to promote his new business on and raise money for the National MS Society. The winner got the full treatment inside and out from Diamond Detail including paint correction and sealant. I offered to take some photos of the finished product, and what a product it was. Elijah went above and beyond with Jude's School Bus Yellow 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Check out his in-depth writeup on the detail here.

Josh just so happened to be free on the day of the shoot, so I invited him along. Ultimately this was for good so another set of creative eyes was welcomed. Enjoy the rest of our photo.

bonus silhouette

The 2013 SuperNationals Custom Auto Show

Each year car season kicks off in Albuquerque with SuperNationals, a huge three day custom auto show where locals come to shine and people travel from all around to display their creations. There is no shortage of chrome in the land of enchantment during this long weekend.

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Adrian, Valerie, and Russ of The Bombardiers car club in the main exhibition hall. Above is Adrian's 1951 Chevy which went on to win 'Eddie's Rod and Customs Pick of the Show'.

Valerie's 3100 pickup won 'outstanding interior', which it not only rightfully deserves, but also holds a special meaning. This truck belonged to Valerie's Father before he passed away, and while she and Adrian have changed the color and suspension the custom brown interior is still all Dad's work. It's a tangible memory of a past generation that's still bringing home trophies. Makes your heart feel good, doesn't it?

Heather defines Russ' award-winning Chevy as "bodacious", and I have to agree with her. It's timelessly elegant and graceful, and we can not wait for the opportunity to shoot not only Russ' Chevy, but Valerie and Adrian's too outside of the constricted show environment.

The halls were packed with just as many machines of power as those of pure aesthetics. 

The So-Low VW club had prime real estate in the newly added exhibition hall, bringing the total to three. They brought out a great variety of classic air-cooled customs. I don't care what the Top Gear boys say, these are some of my favorite cars. 

More to come from both Heather and I.

An Afternoon With The Lunchbox and The Wife

It's an amazing age we live in regardless of the state we live in. One of the youngest artforms now takes only moments, whereas in the recent past it was a significantly longer and laborious process. We can now capture a scene electronically on a reusable medium, alter the reality of your photo on a home computer, and within seconds share your product with billions of people. The history of photography is littered with dead technology, but it has come a long way.

What I find more amazing are the bonds created by those that have a passion for creating beautiful imagery. 

I've written about forming a friendship with the talented Josh Coleman of Lunchbox PhotoWorks before. He has mutual passions for cars and photography, and it's been a pleasure getting to know him. A few weeks ago Josh invited my wife Heather and I to shoot a 1973 Plymouth Duster with pin-up model Lucy Garcia. We jumped at the chance to work alongside Josh, without hesitation. 

I doubt I'm the only photographer who studies and dissects the work we admire. I was familiar with Josh's work before we moved to Santa Fe. I have been looking forward to watching his creative process and learning from him.

As the magic hour approached we began to work. Quietly we circled the Duster like vultures stuffed into heavy coats. The reality of sunset outside Albuquerque in January is it's cold, cold enough the freeze a camera's shutter. Sadly Josh's high-mileage Nikon fell victim to the cold right before we brought out Lucy Garcia, our model who was an absolute trooper. My creative muse and talented wife took the reigns and came out with some great shots.

As for Josh, he did just fine before the camera snafu.

Bonus snap I took of Josh taking the picture above. There's an Xzibit meme in there somewhere...