SQC Tuning's Dyno Day and BBQ

The motosports seasons are beginning to wind down but Fall is a beautiful time of year in the land of abundant sunshine, so why waste it? SQC Tuning held a dyno day and barbecue at Motiva Performance on the 3rd of November where $40 bought you three pulls and lunch was only $5.

A closer look at Eric Dotson's Datsun

Outside Motiva was a large mix of cars either waiting for their turn on the rollers or just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. 

On the opposite side of the building a line formed for the dyno. The Motiva staff were well organized and kept the flow of cars moving.

The crowd was buzzing with conversations of horsepower estimates and bench racing, which were interrupted by the screams of engines turning high RPMs to measure peak power.

The best part about cheap dyno days are the older low horsepower cars that show up to see how many ponies they lost over the years.

Making a pass through Motiva anyone could see how serious they were about making power. They have an ultra clean engine building room and some beautiful metal on the racks.

People filtered in and out of the shop from 10 am to 8 pm. Here's a small look at some of the cars that gathered throughout the day.

There will be more photos to come throughout the week.