Matt's Copper STi

Like most E85-slurping high-horsepower street prowlers I heard Matt's STi before I saw it. Around 4 pm in Albuquerque the sun dominates the sky and obscures the landscape with bleeding light. The gamut of browns glow with a warm orange hue, and this STi melts into its' surroundings.

In what is becoming a weekly exercise with a sparsely inhabited desert backdrop, a car, and Josh Coleman of Lunchbox PhotoWorks we did have to work around a weary traveler camping in a Subaru Outback who made it very clear they were planted for the night. Conditions have been worse.

AWDs of the OneSight Charity Cruise

OneSight is a charity that strives to provide eye care to those in need around the world, and a group of car folks out of Albuquerque, NM got together to raise money and do their part. The All Wheel Drives were out in force at the meet and cruise. Here's a taste.